Benedictine Monastery

Fr. Peter Hassan, Rector of St. Augustine Major Seminary in Jos, Nigeria. Credit: Fr. Peter Hassan

Nigeria May Have “highest number of Christian martyrs in this century”: Seminary Rector

Jan 29, 2024

Should persecution against Christians in Nigeria continue, the West African nation will have the highest number of people killed because of their faith in the 21st century, the Rector of St. Augustine Major Seminary Jos has said.

Credit: Fr. Samuel Kanta Sakaba, Rector of a Good Shepherd Major Seminary in Kaduna

Formators at Nigerian Seminary Risking their Lives on the Road for Lack of Accommodation

Jan 28, 2024

Formators at Good Shepherd Major Seminary of Nigeria’s Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna are risking their lives every day as they travel to and fro the formation facility that does not have adequate accommodation for them.

Seminarians at Good Shepherd Major Seminary in Nigeria's Kaduna state where four students were kidnapped and one, Michael Nnadi killed. Credit: Good Shepherd Major Seminary Kaduna/ Facebook

Inside the Growing Spirituality of Martyrdom in Nigerian Seminaries and Monasteries

Jan 24, 2024

Last year, 2023, was a difficult year for Br. Peter Olarewaju, a postulant at the Benedictine Monastery in Nigeria’s Ilorin Diocese, who was kidnapped alongside two others at the monastery. Br. Olarewaju underwent different kinds of torture. He watched as his companion, Br. Godwin Eze, was murdered.

A poster of the November 22 funeral rights of Br. Godwin Eze at the St Joseph Cathedral of Nigeria's Catholic Diocese of Ilorin 
Credit: Benedictine Monastery Eruku

Nigerian Monk Fed Chained Companions Before Killing by Kidnappers

Nov 29, 2023

Details have emerged of how Br. Godwin Eze, the Nigerian monk who was kidnapped with two others from a monastery in Nigeria spent his final hours before he was singled out and killed.  

Late  Br. Godwin Eze. Credit: Benedictine Monastery, Eruku

Plans Underway for Funeral of Murdered Nigerian Monk as Search for Body Hits a Snag

Oct 30, 2023

Monks at the Benedictine Monastery, Eruku in Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Ilorin are planning for the funeral ceremony of their confrere, Br. Godwin Eze, after those who set out to search for the murdered monk’s body encountered obstacles.

Late Br. Godwin Eze. Credit: Benedictine Monastery, Eruku

Monk Killed after Kidnapping at Nigerian Monastery Eulogized as Prayerful, Easygoing

Oct 24, 2023

Tributes are pouring in for Br. Godwin Eze, a Nigerian monk who was kidnapped by Fulani bandits and brutally killed, with those who knew the monk describing him as “very prayerful” and “very easygoing young man”.

Credit: Benedictine Monastery, Eruku

Monk Shot, Body “thrown in the river” following Kidnapping at a Nigerian Monastery

Oct 24, 2023

Br. Godwin Eze, a Nigerian monk who was kidnapped alongside two others from the Benedictine Monastery, Eruku in Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Ilorin was killed.

Referential image. Credit: Pixabay

Two of Three Monks Abducted from Nigerian Monastery Released, Diocese Appeals for Prayers

Oct 23, 2023

Two of the three monks who were abducted from a Monastery in Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Ilorin have been set free, the Diocese has said.

Referential image.Ctedit: Pixabay

Catholic Diocese Sends Out Prayer Appeal for Three Kidnapped from Nigerian Monastery

Oct 19, 2023

The Catholic Diocese of Ilorin in Nigeria is appealing for prayers for the safety of three religious brothers who were kidnapped from their monastery in the wee hours of Tuesday, October 17.