Bishop Gélase Armel Kema

Bishop Gélase Armel Kema (right) and Mons. Abel Liluala (left), appointed Archbishops of Owando and Pointe-Noire Archdiocese respectively on 6 January 2024.  Credit: Ouesso Diocese, Archdiocese of Pointe-Noire

Pope Francis Appoints Local Ordinaries for Two Catholic Archdioceses in Congo Brazzaville

Jan 6, 2024

Pope Francis has appointed Local Ordinaries for the Archdioceses of Pointe-Noire and Owando in the Republic of Congo, popularly known as Congo Brazzaville.

Archbishop emeritus Victor Abagna Mossa (right) of the Catholic Archdiocese of Owando and the new Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Gélase Armel Kema. Credit: Owando Archdiocese

Pope Francis Accepts Retirement of Congo’s Owando Archbishop, Appoints Administrator

Aug 21, 2023

Pope Francis has accepted the retirement of Archbishop Victor Abagna Mossa of the Catholic Archdiocese of Owando in the Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville) and appointed an Apostolic Administrator.