feast of vocations

Maurice Cardinal Piat, Bishop Emeritus of Port-Louis in Mauritius. Credit: Poort Louis Diocese

“Never regretted it”: Cardinal in Mauritius on Call to Ministry as Priest, Bishop

Jul 17, 2023

On the occasion of his 32nd Episcopal anniversary, Maurice Cardinal Piat has said he “never regretted” answering God’s call to the Priesthood ministry, and later Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Port Louis in the Indian Ocean Island nation of Mauritius.

A poster announcing the July 16 Feast of Vocations and the 32nd Episcopal anniversary of Maurice Cardinal Piat. Credit: Poort Louis Diocese

On Mauritius’ “feast of vocations”, Cardinal Calls on Parents to Be “wise gardeners”

Jul 17, 2023

On the occasion marking the gift of vocations among the people of God in Mauritius (feast of vocations) celebrated Sunday, July 16, Maurice Cardinal Piat has called upon parents in the Indian Ocean Island nation to be “wise gardeners.”

Bishop of Mauritius' Port Louis Diocese, Maurice Cardinal Piat during Holy Mass marking the diocesan Feast of Vocations, August 2. / Port Louis Diocese/ Facebook

On Mauritius’ “feast of vocations,” Cardinal Likens Priests, Religious, Laity to Musicians

Aug 3, 2020

On the day set aside for the celebration of the gift of various vocations in Mauritius (feast of vocations) marked on Sunday, August 2, the head of the Catholic Church in the Indian Ocean island nation likened followers of Jesus Christ including Priests, Religious and Laity to musicians who have answered the call to dance to the music of the Gospel, advocating for a collaborative ministry akin to that of an orchestra.