Fr. Mbikoyo Charles

Launching of water project in Mambe Parish. Credit: CDTY

“Happy with initiative”: Beneficiary of Water Project in South Sudanese Catholic Diocese

Mar 19, 2023

Beneficiaries of a “safe and clean drinking water” project being realized in a partnership between the Sudan Relief Fund (SRF) and South Sudan’s the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio (CDTY) have expressed their appreciation for the initiative.

Launching of water project in Mambe Parish. Credit: CDTY

Catholic Entity in South Sudan Facilitating Provision of “safe and clean drinking water”

Mar 18, 2023

The seven boreholes “are a hope for the local communities living in these areas because it’s not easy to get water.” Fr. Mbikoyo said about the water initiative that was first launched in the Eastern Deanery of Maridi, Mambe, Nzara, Yambio, Gangura and Ezo.

Fr. Mbikoyo Charles. Credit: CDTY/Facebook

Engage Youth “in productive activities” to Curb Violence in South Sudan: Catholic Priest

Aug 9, 2022

A Catholic Priest in South Sudan has emphasized the need to engage young people in the East-Central African nation “in productive activities” to address the challenge of violence in the country.

Fr. Mbikoyo Charles. Credit: CDTY/Facebook

Catholic Entity Pays Solidarity Visit to Victims of Violence in South Sudanese Diocese

Jun 20, 2022

Officials of the Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CODEP) have paid a solidarity visit to victims of an attack in a village that left many people injured in South Sudan’s Tombura-Yambio Diocese.