Fr. Vitalis Chinedu Anaehobi

A poster announcing the series of online conversations bringing together African theologians, priests, and religious, as well as laity in Africa. Credit: PACTPAN

Catholic Church in Africa Urged to Tap into Diaspora Communities to Grow Continent

Jun 14, 2024

Catholic Bishops and religious communities in Africa have been urged to harness the potential of the diasporic communities in growing the continent.

Fr. Rafael Simbine Junior, the Secretary General of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). Credit: SECAM

Bishops in Africa Laud Theologians’ Weekly Conversations on Synod on Synodality

Jun 11, 2024

Catholic Bishops in Africa have lauded the weekly conversations organized by African theologians on the Synod on Synodality, noting that the Friday engagements will deepen the understanding of the synod.

Sr. Leonida Katunge poses for a photo during the 2023 world youth day celebrations in Lisbon, Portugal. Credit: Sr. Leonida  Katunge

African Palaver Series is “a call to action” on Synod on Synodality: Kenyan Nun

Jun 11, 2024

African theologians, priests, religious, and laity have embarked on a series of synodal conversations, describing their encounter ahead of the October session in Rome as a call to action for all the people of God in Africa to make their voices heard in the Synod on Synodality.

Fr. Vitalis Anaehobi at a pre-synodal seminar in Nairobi. Credit: ACI Africa

These are “our priority” Issues at Ongoing Synod in Rome: African Delegate

Oct 11, 2023

Four issues affecting the Church in Africa stand out at the ongoing Synod on Synodality conversations. These are the issues that those representing the African continent at the Bishops’ meeting in Rome are focusing on.

Fr. Vitalis Chinedu Anaehobi. Credit: ACI Africa

RECOWA Official Faults “embargos” on Niger, Decries Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation

Aug 22, 2023

The Secretary General for the Reunion of Episcopal Conferences of West Africa (RECOWA) has condemned the financial and trade restrictions imposed on Niger by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in response to the country’s July 26 military coup that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum from power, noting that the restrictions have plunged the population into deep suffering.