Johan Viljoen

A road leading to Macomia, a district experiencing insurgency in Mozambique's northern province of Cabo Delgado. Credit: Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI)

Military in Mozambique Blocking Civilians “from fleeing” Insurgency: Catholic Peace Entity

Jan 18, 2024

Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI), an entity of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC), has appealed to troops fighting insurgents in Northern Mozambique to allow those affected by the violence to flee and seek safety elsewhere.

A group of women and children rescued in forests in Mucimboa da Praia of Mozambique's Cabo Delgado Province early September.  Credit:DHPI

Catholic Peace Entity Condemns Rampant Sexual Enslavement of Mozambican Christians

Sep 20, 2023

Reports have emerged of Islamist Jihadists operating in Mozambique forcefully converting abducted Christian women into Islam and sexually enslaving some of them.

Screengrab from the offending social media video. Credit: Courtesy Photo

“Extreme brutality”: Catholic Peace Entity on Burning of Bodies in Mozambique

Jan 18, 2023

The Catholic humanitarian foundation, Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI), has described a video that depicts soldiers burning bodies in Mozambique as an extreme level of brutality.

Johan Viljoen, Director of Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI) on his visit to Nampula in Mozambique. Credit: Denis Hurley Peace Institute

Catholic Charity Blames IDP Woes in Mozambique on Manipulation of Figures

Dec 4, 2022

Organizations working with refugees are manipulating the statistics of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Northern Mozambique, the Catholic charity foundation, Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI), has said, noting that the situation is endangering the lives of those who continue to be forced out of their homes in the region’s raging violence. 

End Anglophone Crisis/ Credit: Courtesy Photo

Catholic Peace Foundation Fears for Anarchy in Cameroon as Militias Get Out of Control

Sep 20, 2022

Groups claiming to be fighting for the independence of the Northwest and Southwest English-speaking regions of Cameroon have been increasing in number, a situation that is running out of control, the leadership of the Catholic peace and charity foundation, Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI), has said, and expressed concern that the Central African nation may be sliding into anarchy.

Members of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB). Credit: KCCB

Catholic Church in Kenya Urged to Address “entrenched” Tribalism Influencing Elections

Aug 25, 2022

The Catholic peace and charity foundation, Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI), has expressed concern that nearly 60 years after independence in Kenya, elections in the East African country are still conducted along tribal lines and geopolitical zones, and that political leaders are not chosen based on merit.

Credit: Johan Viljoen

Catholic Entity Welcomes UN Plan to Investigate Violations against Children in Mozambique

Jul 18, 2022

The leadership of Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI) has told ACI Africa that the entity is in support of the report about the United Nations’ (UN) plan to investigate “violations against children” in the conflict-ridden Northern region of Mozambique, Cabo Delgado.

Justice and Peace commissions from various dioceses across Kenya met at the JJ McCarthy Centre in Nairobi for a five-day workshop about how civil society and the Church in particular, can help make the forthcoming general elections in August peaceful, orderly, and successful.  Credit: Eusebius Atamallo

Kenya's Catholic Peace Entities Urged to Investigate “millions” Used in Political Campaign

Feb 21, 2022

Political aspirants in Kenya are spending millions of shillings to campaign for various seats ahead of the country’s August 9 elections, the Director of Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI) has said, and urged Kenya's Catholic Justice and Peace Commissions (CJPCs) to research widely on the source of the money that is being used on voters in the East African country.

A ship that was used by TotalEnergies, a French company to evacuate their employees from a March attack in Palma, northern Mozambique. Credit: Denis Hurley Peace Institute

Catholic Charity Raises Questions about France’s Involvement in Mozambican Crisis

Nov 24, 2021

Is France using “development aid” to finance the intervention of Rwandan troops in Mozambique? This tops the list of questions that Catholic peace and charity foundation, Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI), is exploring in an attempt to put a face to key players in the Mozambican crisis.