Lent 2024

Saint Josemaría Escrivá inspired and promoted UNIV, an international meeting of young university students seeking to deepen their faith. Since 1968, thousands of students travel to Rome every Holy Week for this purpose. / Crédit: Ágatha Depiné / Unsplash

Thousands of Young People Gather in Rome to Delve Deeper into Meaning of Holy Week

Mar 26, 2024

St. Josemaría Escrivá inspired and promoted UNIV, an international meeting of young university students seeking to deepen their faith.

A priest holds palms on Palm Sunday. / Grant Whitty via Unsplash.

The Most Popular Qstions about Palm Sunday — and their Answers

Mar 24, 2024

Here is a list of the most popular questions about Palm Sunday and their answers.

Holy Week / Shutterstock

How to Obtain a Plenary Indulgence during Holy Week 2024

Mar 23, 2024

A plenary indulgence is a grace granted by the Catholic Church through the merits of Jesus to remove temporal punishment due to sin.

Monstrance for adoration, stock photo. / Zolnierek/Shutterstock

There is Still Time to Receive a Plenary Indulgence During Lent

Mar 20, 2024

Did you know that there are four ways you can gain a plenary indulgence during Lent?

Beer lovers gather at the release of the "40 Days" beer brewed by Breaker Brewing and the Diocese of Scranton. | Credit: Kristen Mullen

Beer for Lent? The Diocese of Scranton’s ‘40 Days’ Brew Helps Feed the Homeless

Feb 24, 2024

The Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, has launched a beer collaboration with a local brewery to support its anti-hunger programs for homeless people.

Credit: Shutterstock

What’s the Point of Fasting, Anyway?

Feb 16, 2024

God commanded it, Jesus practiced it, and the Church Fathers have preached the importance of it. Fasting is a powerful and fundamental part of the Christian life.

Pope Francis presides over Ash Wednesday Mass at the Basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome on Feb. 14, 2024. | Credit: Vatican Media

Pope Francis on Ash Wednesday: "Let us return to God with all our heart"

Feb 14, 2024

The Lord is inviting us to “remove the masks we so often wear” and to see ourselves as we truly are in the sight of God, the pope said in his Ash Wednesday homily.

Ashes at Sant'Anselmo all'Aventino in Rome. | Credit: Vatican Media

10 Important Things to Know about Ash Wednesday

Feb 14, 2024

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, which is structured to spiritually prepare to walk with the Lord through his passion and celebrate his resurrection.

Members of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference (ZCBC). Credit: ZCBC

“Repent” of Policies, Strategies Behind “deficit of hope”: Zimbabwe Bishops’ Lent Message

Feb 13, 2024

Policy actors and other strategists in the Southern African nation of Zimbabwe need to be repentant for subjecting the people of God in the country to hopelessness, members of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) have said. 

Credit: MarjanCermelj / Shutterstock

How to Honor Valentine’s Day on Ash Wednesday 

Feb 11, 2024

This year, Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day. But the two days don’t need to be completely at odds with one another, according to Father Dustin Dought.

Pope Francis at the Church of St. Anselm on Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017. | Credit: L'Osservatore Romano

Pope Francis to Preside at Ash Wednesday Mass and Traditional Procession in Rome

Feb 8, 2024

Pope Francis will preside at the Mass and the traditional Ash Wednesday procession on Feb. 14 on Aventine Hill in Rome.

"He Leadeth Me" Hallow Pray40 Challenge. | Credit: Hallow

Lent 2024: Catholic Resources to Help You Grow in Your Faith

Feb 8, 2024

This list of Catholic resources can help you grow closer to the Lord this Lenten season.