Reproductive Health Bill

Members of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB).

Kenya’s Reproductive Bill 2019 “unconstitutional, be withdrawn”: Bishops to Senators

Sep 23, 2020

Catholic Bishops in Kenya have told members of the country’s Senate Committee for Health that the controversial Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019 “is inconsistent with the constitution” and needs to be withdrawn from the house “because it cannot be redeemed.”

Archbishop Philip Anyolo, Chairman Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) reading the message of the Bishops at Episcopal Ordination of the new Bishop of Kenya’s Kitui diocese, Saturday, August 29.

Eight Issues of Concern for Bishops in Kenya Who Want “the good of everyone”

Aug 30, 2020

Members of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) have, in a collective message titled “Conscience: A Path to Life”, outlined eight issues affecting the East African nation, calling on Kenyans to be vigilant and “do what is right for the good of everyone.”

Some activists protest against abortion in Kenya's capital, Nairobi.

Why Bishops in Kenya are Contesting Reproductive Healthcare Bill in Parliament

Jun 25, 2020

Bishops in Kenya have, in a collective letter addressed to “Catholic Members of Parliament (MPs) and all Legislators of good-will”, explained why they are opposed to the Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019.