Sr. Agnes Leila Andrews

Sr. Agnes Leila Andrewous. Credit: ACI Africa

Catholic Sister in South Sudan Shares Joy of Serving Two Visiting Popes

Feb 12, 2023

A Catholic Nun who actively participated in the celebration of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Sudan in 1993 had the opportunity to interact with a Pope for the second time when she served at the February 5 Papal Mass in South Sudan.

Fr. Matthew Pagan (left), Sr. Lily Grace (center) and Sr. Agnes Leila Andrewous (right). Credit: ACI Africa

“Special call”: Liturgical Coordinators on Preparing for Papal Mass in South Sudan

Feb 7, 2023

The opportunity to serve Pope Francis during the February 5 Holy Mass in South Sudan was a fulfilling experience, those who were selected to coordinate the preparations for the Papal Mass in South Sudan’s capital city, Juba, have said.