Always Seek to Be Truly Men of God, Prelate in Mozambique at Priestly Ordination

Archbishop Inácio Saure during the Priestly ordination of Fr. Ramiro Xavier da Rosa at Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral of Nampula Archdiocese.

The Archbishop of Mozambique’s Nampula Archdiocese has, on the occasion of the Priestly ordination in his See, encouraged Priests to always seek to be authentic and closer to the people of God under their pastoral care.

Speaking at the Sunday, October 18 ordination ceremony of Fr. Ramiro Xavier da Rosa, Archbishop Inácio Saure said that the world is in need of Priests who are truly men of God.

“Priesthood must be lived in a coherent, intelligent and humble way, seeking to be authentic, integral and closer to the people of God,” Archbishop Inácio said in his address at Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral of Nampula Archdiocese.

He added, “The Church today needs priests who are truly men of God, intelligent and wise. Priests must also seek to be witnesses of the life of poverty, respecting their celibate life.”


“Following Jesus' example, Priests must serve faithfully in their mission, accompanying and teaching the people of God with sacrifice and love,” the Prelate said, adding that Priesthood must be “from and for all”.

Addressing the newly ordained Priest, Archbishop Inácio asked for brightness, elegance and consistency in the performance of his duties, which he freely chose.

The Archbishop further invited the congregation present at the ordination ceremony to see God in Fr. Ramiro and to love and pray for their priests, “avoiding all kinds of gossip, slander and defamation”.

Visibly happy, the newly ordained Priest expressed his gratitude for becoming a Priest of the Dehonian Fathers, a dream he said he had always harbored.

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With the ordination of Fr. Ramiro, the Archdiocese of Nampula now has 37 diocesan Priests. On the occasion, several messages of congratulation to Father Ramiro's were read.

Present at the occasion, the governor of Nampula said that the ordination of Fr. Ramiro was a sign that the Church in Nampula is growing.