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The sis newly ordained Priests in Ghana's Diocese of Ho.  Credit: Depsocom, Ho Diocese.

Be Leaders, Guides of God’s People: Catholic Bishop in Ghana to New Priests at Ordination

During the ordination of six Deacons to the Priesthood in Ghana’s Catholic Diocese of Ho, the ordaining Bishop invited those to become Priests to strive for leadership that seeks to guides the people of God entrusted to their care. 

Polycarp Cardinal Pengo/ Credit: Courtesy Photo

Eastern Africa Catholic Bishops Laud Tanzania’s Cardinal for Fostering Pastoral Solidarity

Catholic Bishops in Eastern Africa have, in a statement, acknowledged with appreciation the role Tanzania’s Polycarp Cardinal Pengo has played in fostering pastoral solidarity in the region ahead of the Church leader’s Priestly Golden Jubilee celebration.

Archbishop Peter Joseph Kairo speaking during the ordination of four Priests and seven Deacons for Kenya’s Nyeri Archdiocese Saturday, November 7. / Capuchin TV/Facebook Page.

Strive to Live in Harmony with Each Other, Kenyan Prelate at Ordination

A Kenyan Archbishop has urged candidates he was about to ordain to always strive to live in peace and harmony with each other, noting that it is human for members of the Clergy living in a rectory to sometimes disagree.

Bishop David Kamau lays hands on one of the Deacons during the ordination Mass at St Joseph and Mary Shauri Moyo parish of the Archdiocese of Nairobi, Sunday, October 25. / St. Joseph's Missionary Society/Capuchin Tv

Do Not Introduce Your Own “fashion” to the Church: Kenyan Prelate at Ordination

The multi-national candidates for Priestly and Diaconate Ordination at a Parish of Kenya’s Archdiocese of Nairobi over the weekend were cautioned against introducing their own ways of life in the Church as they prepare to begin carrying out their ministry as ordained men of God.

Archbishop Inácio Saure during the Priestly ordination of Fr. Ramiro Xavier da Rosa at Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral of Nampula Archdiocese. / Nampula Archdiocese/Facebook Page

Always Seek to Be Truly Men of God, Prelate in Mozambique at Priestly Ordination

The Archbishop of Mozambique’s Nampula Archdiocese has, on the occasion of the Priestly ordination in his See, encouraged Priests to always seek to be authentic and closer to the people of God under their pastoral care.

Bishop Emeritus Anthony Kwami Adanuty of Keta-Akatsi laying hands on one of the Deacons he ordained a Priests for the Diocese at the St. Francis of Assisi Parish at Anloga in the Volta Region of Ghana on Saturday, October 17, 2020. / Keta-Akatsi DEPSOCOM.

Let Your Priesthood Bring You New Life, Retired Prelate at Ordination in Ghana

The Bishop Emeritus of Ghana’s Diocese of Keta-Akatsi has, on the occasion of the ordination of three Deacons to the Priesthood, asked the Deacons to see their ministerial Priesthood as a ministry that should bring them new life by becoming servant leaders.

The five Deacons ordained Priests for the Archdiocese of Maputo Saturday, September 12. / Samuel Antonio

Embrace Sacrifice, Prayer, Cross, Prelate Urges at Priestly Ordination in Mozambique

A Prelate in Mozambique has, during the ordination of five Deacons as Priests for the Archdiocese of Maputo in the Southern African country, urged members of the Clergy to embrace a life of sacrifice and prayer “as if we had died on the cross,” in solidarity with other ordained ministers.