Attempt to Desecrate Recently Reconsecrated Church in Nigeria’s Makurdi Diocese Thwarted

St. Peter’s Low-Level Parish in Nigeria’s Makurdi Diocese.

A fresh attempt to desecrate St. Peter’s Low-Level Parish in Nigeria’s Makurdi Diocese was thwarted Wednesday, October 21 by security officials guarding the church.

The Local Ordinary of Makurdi Diocese, Bishop Wilfred Anagbe reconsecrated the church on October 13 after two incidences of desecration that saw pastoral services suspended.

“The internal security Operatives at St Peter's Church Low Level, Makurdi prevented a fresh desecration of the Church and arrested the invader,” an October 21 report by the Diocesan Catholic Star Newspaper indicates.

According to the leadership of Makurdi Diocese, a team of Catholic Corps of Nigeria stationed at the Parish “spotted an intruder trying to break into the Church in the early hours of Wednesday October 21, 2020.”

“The intruder tried to escape but the security guards went after him and overpowered him. He was handed over to the Police alongside another fellow who appeared at the scene and was behaving strangely,” they add in the October 21 report.


Bishop Anagbe had suspended pastoral services at the Church on September 15 after two “sacrilegious attacks” on the church by unidentified persons on August 12 and September 13.

During the attacks, the main church as well as a chapel were desecrated and sacred vessels looted.

The October 13 reopening of the church by Bishop Anagbe followed “prayers of reparation and novena” spearheaded by the faithful of the Diocese, officials of the Diocese say in the October 21 report.

They explain, “The rite of reparation included the reconsecration of the Church, Holy Mass and a Eucharistic Procession around the parish led by the Bishop who was accompanied by priests and the lay faithful.”

The arrest of the invaders “confirms that the angels have taken over the premises. The suspects are with the Police,” they further report.

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“The Catholic Church holds as sacrosanct the Church where the Blessed Sacrament is reposed and the Holy Sacraments celebrated,” the officials say and add, “Any violation is a direct offense against God and the faithful.”