Positive Media Engagement “can bring changes to societies”: South Sudanese Archbishop

Archbishop Stephen Ameyu speaking during the tenth anniversary of Voice of Hope Radio in South Sudan’s Wau Diocese.

Engaging the media in a constructive way can facilitate positive change in society, the Archbishop of South Sudan’s Juda Archdiocese said earlier this week during the anniversary of one of the radios that constitute the Catholic Radio Network (CRN).

“Use mass media positively in a way that can bring changes to the societies,” Archbishop Stephen Ameyu urged Tuesday, October 27.

Archbishop Ameyu who was speaking during the tenth anniversary of Voice of Hope Radio of South Sudan’s Wau Diocese noted that the media have the power to strengthen or destroy societies.

The South Sudanese Archbishop who doubles as the Apostolic Administrator of Wau Diocese encouraged Catholic journalists in the East Central African country to engage the media, especially the radio, through the construction of narratives that give hope to members of society.

Referring to Voice of Hope Radio launched in 2011, the Prelate noted, “Radio broadcast is not something easy, it is for the evangelization of the gospel so that the gospel values assist us in our families, in our communities and change the situation of people.”


Meanwhile, the Archbishop also urged the State and national leaders in South Sudan to enact legislations that curb the distribution of unsuitable content through various media platforms.

“I call on the government at the state and national level to make legislations that control the negative aspects of the media where we are thrown to see everything,” he said October 27.

He went on to specifically advocate for the enactment of regulations to guide the practice of ethical journalism saying, “There should be ethical guidelines that are enacted by the government in order to filter our means of media.”

“There are many disadvantages of the use of mass media that we see every day,” the 56-year-old Prelate said and cautioned Catholic media practitioners against negative media engagement and instead engage the media for strengthening faith, building trust and bringing hope among the people.

He acknowledged the challenge of exercising control over the media in contemporary society and called on parents and guardians to make every effort to guide their children in their respective media exposure.

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