Cleric in South Sudan Calls for Establishment of Archive Centres for Church Projects

Fr. Jim Greene, Executive Director of Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS).

A Catholic Priest ministering in South Sudan has proposed to the Church institutions in the East-Central African nation to consider archiving paper documents in any data medium for future reference.

According to Fr. Jim Greene who is the Executive Director of Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS), there is a need for the Church institutions in the nine-year-old nation to have a Centre for their own archives, which will contain all the projects that have been undertaken by the Church to gauge its progress.

Addressing a group of students and some administrators for Catholic institutions at the Catholic University of South Sudan (CUSS), Fr. Jim said documenting such information and keeping it safely would be significant for the Church institution in South Sudan as it continues its principal responsibility of transforming lives of people in the world’s newest country.

“It is important for the Church institutions to keep that record of all activities that are done in various departments of the Dioceses,” Fr. Jim said Tuesday, November 10 during the 10th anniversary of the 101 Days of prayer towards a peace that resulted in the independence of South Sudan in July 2011.

He added, “There is a need for the Church departments to have a Centre for their own archives to keep the memories alive.”


Supporting the proposal, which he had made at a public lecture at CUSS over the weekend, Fr. Jim reiterated November 10 that archives are important because they provide evidence of activities and tell more about institutions and their programs.  

“I can well imagine that the Justice and Peace departments of all the Dioceses in South Sudan have been extremely active over the last ten years with workshops, with assemblies and now how much of that is lost and how much is retained?” the SSS Director posed.

When information is not kept, Fr. Jim said, people would be questioning years later about what the Church has done.

“We need to record the complete activities of our efforts in different departments and store them in all forms of data storage,” Fr. Jim emphasized.