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Catholic Schools in Juba, South Sudan Maintain Old Schedule after Change of Time Zone

Feb 5, 2021

While South Sudan has officially changed from East African Time (E.A.T.) zone to Central African Time (C.A.T.), the leadership of Catholic Schools in the country’s Metropolitan Archdiocese of Juba has decided to stick to their previous schedule.

Fr. Jim Greene, Executive Director of Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS).

Cleric in South Sudan Calls for Establishment of Archive Centres for Church Projects

Nov 14, 2020

A Catholic Priest ministering in South Sudan has proposed to the Church institutions in the East-Central African nation to consider archiving paper documents in any data medium for future reference.

Sr. Rebecca Aliro who offers lectures in English, literature and drama at the Catholic University of South Sudan (CUSS). / ACI Africa.

Catholic Nun in South Sudan Calls on Authorities to Go Beyond “unknown gunmen” Narrative

Nov 10, 2020

A Catholic nun in South Sudan has expressed concerns over insecurity perpetrated by those only identified as “unknown gunmen,” calling on the political leaders in the East-Central African country to find identities of these attackers and to bring them to book.

President Salva Kiir (left) and Vice-President Dr. Riek Machar (right).

“Examine, discover root causes of instability” in South Sudan, Cleric Tells Politicians

Nov 9, 2020

Members of South Sudan’s ruling political party have been urged to identify and deal with the “root causes” of instability in the East-Central African nation, acknowledge their wrongdoing before South Sudanese, and engage in rebuilding the nine-year-old nation.

Sr. Esther Wambui Gitee and Sr. Kiden Christine Janet, the two sisters selected for ASEC's pilot Ph.D. program. / African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC).

Two African Sisters Selected for Catholic Nuns’ Pilot Doctoral Scholarship Program

Oct 22, 2020

Two African Sisters, one from Kenya and the other from South Sudan, have been selected to pilot a doctoral scholarship program, an initiative of the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC), which facilitates access to education for women religious in Africa, the world’s second largest continent.