Salesians Empowering Hundreds of Young Refugees in Uganda with Vocational Skills

Palabek Refugee Camp: Don Bosco Vocational Center offers Education for hundreds of young refugees. Credit: Salesian Missions

Members of the Religious Institute of the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) in Uganda are reaching out to over 600 young refugees through vocational training initiatives being realized at the Don Bosco Vocational Center, operating inside Palabek Refugee Resettlement Camp in Gulu Archdiocese.

In a Friday, December 17 report, officials of the SDB development arm, Salesian Missions, say, “Don Bosco Vocational Center offers education and vocational training to help young refugees prepare for employment.”

“There are courses in mechanics, sewing, construction, agriculture, hairdressing and solar energy,” officials of the New York-based entity say in the report.

To date, SDB officials say “the center has trained more than 600 youth, most of them refugees who have returned to South Sudan to contribute to their country.”

SDB members further say, “The center provides support for 56,000 refugees and 11,000 Ugandans from the northern region.”


The recent introduction of upcoming courses brought together many people who are interested in what the center has to offer, SDB members in Uganda are quoted as saying in the December 17 report.

“This fact testifies that the young people of the refugee camp are hungry for an education that allows them to offer their families a better quality of life and to contribute to the reconstruction of their country,” the Rector of the Salesian community in Palabek, Fr. Ubaldino Andrade, has been quoted as saying.

Fr. Andrade adds, “At the technical and vocational level, many young refugees want to go out to work; they want to learn a trade, that in most cases, allows them to return to South Sudan and contribute to the reconstruction of the country, destroyed by many years of violence and war.”

He goes on to highlight a recent success saying, “We have the case of a student who learned mechanics and then took a driving course. She returned to South Sudan and is working as a driver in an agency, with a salary of $700 per month, far above the minimum wage in Uganda.”

Established in April 2016, SDB members say the “Palabek Refugee Resettlement Camp was set up to ease congestion in other refugee camps in the East African country. The Camp is home to more than 56,000 Refugees.”

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According to SDB members in Uganda, “Several agencies are involved in providing food and education within the camp. While some have left because of the pandemic, Salesians have remained.”

They add, “Salesian missionaries at the settlement are offering much needed psychosocial support and pastoral care for thousands of Christian residents. They also operate four nursery schools that educate more than 1,000 children. In addition, there are children attending Salesian primary and secondary schools, and more than 700 families are supported by other initiatives.”

Salesians, SDB officials say, also run a “special sponsorship program to help youth attend school outside of the camp. Many children and older youth have to walk 10 to 15 kilometers (approximately 6.2 to 9.3 miles) each day to reach the schools.”

“The sponsorship program enables Salesians to take youth to boarding facilities outside of the camp closer to the schools. Youth are able to live and study there, as well as have access to healthy nutrition and recreational activities,” SDB members say in the December 17 report.

Jude Atemanke is a Cameroonian journalist with a passion for Catholic Church communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea in Cameroon. Currently, Jude serves as a journalist for ACI Africa.