In Christmas Message, Catholic Bishops in Chad Call for Walking “together in justice”

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Chad (CET). Credit: CET

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Chad (CET) are calling on the people of God in the North-Central African nation to “walk together in justice.”

In their Christmas 2023 Message shared with ACI Africa Tuesday, December 19, CET members say, “Living together in our country is often undermined by a lack of justice.”

“We urge you to walk together in justice; without it, social peace would only be an illusion,” Catholic Bishops in Chad say in their message dated December 15. 

They add, “Walking together in justice commits us to letting ourselves be guided by the Lord and honoring him by doing his holy will. It also requires a culture of equality for all and respect for human rights.”

“We understand justice to mean respect for human dignity, recognition of the rights and freedoms of others that guarantee true social cohesion, and the constant, firm resolve to give God and neighbor their due,” the Catholic Church leaders explain.


They note that “in society, justice is also synonymous with respect and conformity to the law. Justice is one of the pillars of peace.”

“True peace cannot be built without justice, truth, love, and freedom. Justice walks with peace; it is in constant and dynamic relationship with it. Justice and peace tend towards the good of one and all, which is why they require order and truth,” CET members say.

They call on Chadian authorities to “work towards consolidating the rule of law and guaranteeing social justice. It is up to you to promote a democratic state through credible, free and transparent elections.”

Catholic Bishops in Chad also invite judicial authorities to exercise “dedication to the service of justice and the common good, with the constant call to ensure that the rights of individuals, and especially the most vulnerable, are respected and guaranteed.”

“Never lose your honesty in the face of social and political pressures such as abuses of power, attempts at corruption, defamation... Always be protagonists in the transformation of a judicial system based on respect for human dignity,” they add.

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CEB members further invite young people to “persevere in promoting justice, to build a new nation in which it is good to live.”

“Don't let yourselves be manipulated but cultivate a critical mind. Be clear-sighted and responsible in your decisions, for the present and future of this country are in your hands,” they say in their Christmas 2023 Message shared with ACI Africa on December 19.

They called on Christians in Chad to be “true artisans of justice and peace, so that our lives may set an example for our fellow citizens. Show solidarity with those who defend truth and justice.”

Jude Atemanke is a Cameroonian journalist with a passion for Catholic Church communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea in Cameroon. Currently, Jude serves as a journalist for ACI Africa.