Conference of Catholic Bishops in Zambia

Chaos in Lusaka, Zambia after a gassing incident / newsdiggers

Bishops in Zambia Decry “rampant gassing of people, homes, institutions”

Feb 22, 2020

The reported use of a chemical on people to immobilize and attack them that has resulted in deaths and injuries in various places in Zambia has caught the attention of the Catholic Bishops in the Southern Africa nation. They have, in a collective statement, decried the acts and termed them “criminal and subversive activities.”

Bishops in Zambia who have just issued a Pastoral Letter on the need to share the word of God.

“The sharing of the Word of God” Key Focus of Pastoral Letter of Bishops in Zambia

Feb 4, 2020

Having dedicated the year 2020 to the reflection of the Word of God with the aim “to venerate, celebrate, study, disseminate and live” the message in the Sacred Scriptures, the Bishops in the Southern African nation of Zambia have emphasized the need to share the word of God, reaching out to various groups in their country with specific recommendations.