Curial reform

The dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Luxerendering/Shutterstock.

Pope Names Secretaries of Doctrinal, Disciplinary Sections of Vatican’s Doctrine of Faith

Apr 23, 2022

Under Pope Francis’ reform of the Roman Curia, the internal structure of the CDF has been reorganized into two sections.

Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square on Oct. 22, 2016. Credit: Mazur/ null

How Praedicate Evangelium Changes the Vatican’s Dicasteries: A CNA Explainer

Mar 19, 2022

Pope Francis has promulgated a new apostolic constitution, Praedicate evangelium, which reforms the structure of the Roman Curia. Here are some of the changes:

Pope Francis speaks to the Roman Curia Dec. 21, 2020. Credit: Vatican Media.

Pope Francis Urges Roman Curia to Confront the "ecclesial crisis"

Dec 21, 2020

Pope Francis urged the Roman Curia Monday not to view the Church in terms of conflict, but to see the current “ecclesial crisis” as a call to renewal.

Pope Francis gives his annual Christmas greeting to the Roman Curia Dec. 21, 2019. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/Vatican Pool.

Church Reform Takes Personal Conversion, Pope Francis Tells Roman Curia

Dec 21, 2019

To carry out the continuing reform of the Church requires a willingness to change and a commitment to personal conversion, Pope Francis said Saturday, during his annual Christmas greeting to the bishops and cardinals of the Roman Curia.