Environmental Disasters

Some members of the Pan-African Association of Catholic Exegetes (APECA). Credit: Port Louis Diocese

Catholic Association Urges African Leaders to “develop policies that protect environment”

Sep 16, 2022

Members of the Pan-African Association of Catholic Exegetes (APECA) have, in a collective statement at the end of their 20th Congress in Mauritius, called on African leaders to “develop policies that protect the environment”.

Credit: Port Louis Diocese

Culture, Lethargy among “barriers” to Environmental Protection Course: Mauritian Cardinal

Sep 8, 2022

The lack of energy and enthusiasm, culture and lifestyle are among the “barriers” to environmental conservation, the Bishop of Port Louis Diocese in Mauritius, Maurice Cardinal Piat has said. 

A poster announcing the May 21 webinar closing celebrations making the Laudato Si Year in the Africa region. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Caritas Uganda Bemoans Growing Environmental Disasters Owing to Deforestation

May 21, 2021

As the Catholic Church across the globe marks the Laudato Si’ week, taking stock of the gains made in the conservation of the environment, Caritas Uganda is condemning the growing environmental challenges that the Catholic Church entity links to massive deforestation in the East African nation.