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Archbishop Djalwana Laurent Lompo of Niamey Archdiocese in Niger. Credit: Niamey Archdiocese

Catholic Archbishop Declares Triduum Prayer, Day of Fasting for Peace in Niger

Aug 10, 2023

Archbishop Djalwana Laurent Lompo of Niamey Archdiocese in Niger has called for a triduum of prayer and a day of fasting for Niger following the July 27 announcement of a coup in the West African country. 

Members of Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa (RECOWA) present their final communiqué to journalists in Abuja on 7 May 2022. Credit: ACI Africa

“Lives are at stake”, Bishops in West Africa Oppose Military Intervention in Niger

Aug 9, 2023

West African countries have been ravished by terrorism and cannot handle another bloodbath, Catholic Bishops in West Africa have said, and opposed any form of intervention in the Nigerian Coup that could lead to more deaths in the region.

African Faith Leaders address the press at a Nairobi hotel on August 8, 2023. Credit: Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network Africa (JENA)

African Faith Leaders Recommend “large investments” to Address Continent’s Economic Crisis

Aug 9, 2023

Faith leaders in Africa are calling for large investments in various sectors including health and education in efforts to address the economic crisis on the World’s second-largest continent.

Faith leaders in South Sudan's Western Equatoria State. Credit: AMECEA

Faith Leaders in South Sudanese State Decry Rising Insecurity, Condemn Hate Speech

Apr 30, 2023

Religious leaders in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State (WES) have expressed concern about rising insecurity, and are calling on the population to remain calm.

Credit: Courtesy Photo

“Remain apolitical, neutral”: Nigerian Faith Leaders to Preachers on Gubernatorial Poll

Mar 11, 2023

Christian and Muslim leaders in Nigeria’s Kaduna State have appealed for neutrality on the part of religious leaders in the West African nation ahead of the country’s gubernatorial elections that have been postponed by a week.

Faith Leaders in Central Equatoria State. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Let’s Have “intervention strategy” to End Violence: South Sudanese State Faith Leaders

Feb 21, 2023

Religious leaders in Central Equatoria State are pushing for “an intervention strategy” to help bring to an end the violent conflicts in the South Sudanese State.

Faith leaders in South Sudan's Upper Nile State. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Faith Leaders in South Sudanese State “strongly condemn” Ongoing Inter-tribal Conflict

Aug 28, 2022

Religious leaders in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State have “strongly” condemned the ongoing clashes between armed factions in Tonga town and neighboring areas in Panyikang County, a territory covered by the Catholic Diocese of Malakal.

Logo of the Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN). Credit: AFJN

Faith Leaders in Africa Seek to Educate Migrants on How to Identify Human Traffickers

Jan 8, 2022

Representatives of various Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) in Africa have sought to educate African migrants on ways they can identify their potential traffickers. 

Fr. Aniedi Okure, Executive Director, AFJN addressing participants at a conference on land grabbing in Africa. Credit: AFJN

Faith Leaders in Africa Decry “impunity of corporate, elite capture of African land”

Oct 26, 2021

Representatives of various Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) in Africa have, in a joint statement, decried the “capture of African land and natural resources” by what they have called “private actors” and condemned the “impunity” enjoyed by those involved.

Faith leaders in Mali during the Monday, 30 August 2021 press conference in Mali's capital, Bamako. Credit: Courtesy Photo

“Take measures to ensure peaceful, inclusive, consensual transition”: Mali’s Faith Leaders

Sep 5, 2021

Religious leaders in Mali have appealed to the various stakeholders involved in the process of restoring calm in West Africa nation to “take all measures” that will guarantee “a peaceful, inclusive, and consensual transition” toward peace.

The Flag of Uganda. Credit: Shutterstock

Faith Leaders in Uganda Sue Government for COVID-19 Ban on Public Worship

Aug 7, 2021

Representatives of a Christian church and Muslim community in Uganda have filed a law suit against the country over the suspension of in-person worship as part of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Poster announcing the Fourth African Union-European Union Agricultural Ministerial Conference/ Credit: Courtesy Photo

African Faith Leaders, Civil Society Decry Locals’ Exclusion in World Agriculture Policies

Jun 22, 2021

Members of Our Land is Our Life Alliance, an entity that brings together various African civil society organizations (CSOs) and faith leaders, have decried the exclusion of local populations in the implementation of agricultural policies that affect the continent.

Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama of Nigeria's Abuja Archdiocese at the beginning of the Palm Sunday Mass at the Holy Trinity Church in Maitama / Archbishop Ignatius A. Kaigama Facebok

Faith Leaders in Nigeria Cautioned against “religious pettiness, finger-pointing”

Mar 29, 2021

Faith leaders in Nigeria have been cautioned against the tendency to engage in inessential matters that create a sense of competitiveness between religions.