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Pope Francis' video message to the Confederation of Latin American and Caribbean Religious (CLAR) on Aug. 13, 2021. Screenshot

Pope Francis Cautions against Misuse of Liturgy that Emphasizes on Ideology

Aug 14, 2021

“Let us not forget that a faith that is not inculturated is not authentic," Pope Francis said.

Bishop Rodrigo Mejía Saldarriaga addressing participants during the webinar on New Directory for Catechesis Saturday, December 19, 2020. / Daughters of St. Paul Nairobi, Kenya.

“Catechesis, an essential part of evangelization, spiritual renewal”: Kenya-based Prelate

Dec 21, 2020

The passing on of faith through catechesis is an important ingredient of spiritual renewal and maturity in a process that can take a lifetime, a Kenya-based Bishop has said at a virtual event.

Pope Francis celebrates Mass according to the Zaire Use at St. Peter's Basilica on Dec. 1, 2019. Credit; Vatican Media.

“Liturgical inculturation in Congo” Shows Holy Spirit Gifts: Pope Francis in Book Preface

Dec 1, 2020

Pope Francis said Tuesday that inculturated liturgy can teach Catholics to better appreciate the diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Bishop Dieudonné Watio (left) and Fr. André Marie Kengne (right). Bishop Watio of Bafoussam suspended  Fr. André for promoting syncretism.

The Controversy around Cameroonian Cleric Suspended “for promoting syncretism”

Jul 9, 2020

Last month’s decision to suspend Fr. André Marie Kengne of Cameroon’s Catholic Diocese of Bafoussam “for promoting syncretism” has continued to draw controversy among the Clergy and Laity in the Central African nation and attracted scrutiny of the notion of inculturation in Africa.

Pope Francis greets pilgrims in St. Peter's Square Nov. 6, 2019. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Pope Francis: St. Paul Announced Christ to 'idol worshippers' Without Attacking Them

Nov 6, 2019

St. Paul announced Jesus Christ to “idol worshippers” in Athens without attacking them, but by building bridges, Pope Francis said Wednesday.