Lafia Diocese

Credit: Nigeria Catholic Network

Nigeria’s Future Depends on “outcome of the 2023 elections”, Catholic Bishop Says

Aug 24, 2022

There is a need to sensitize the people of God in Nigeria concerning the seriousness of the 2023 elections as the country’s future depends on its outcome, a Catholic Bishop in the West African country has said.

Bishop David Ajang of Nigeria's Lafia Diocese. Credit: Courtesy Photo

“Be a father to all Church members”: Nuncio in Nigeria Advices Newly Ordained Bishop

Jun 25, 2021

The Pope’s Representative in Nigeria has advised the newly ordained Bishop of the country’s Lafia Diocese, David Ajang, to practice fatherly love in his episcopal ministry.   

From left, the Bishop-elect of Uganda's Nebbi Diocese, Mons. Raphael p’Mony Wokorach, MCCJ, and the Bishop-elect of Nigeria's Lafia Diocese, Mons. David Ajang. / Courtesy Photo

Pope Francis Appoints Bishops for Dioceses of Nebbi in Uganda, Lafia in Nigeria

Mar 31, 2021

Pope Francis has appointed Fr. Raphael p’Mony Wokorach as the Local Ordinary of Uganda’s Nebbi Diocese and Fr. David Ajang as the Bishop of Lafia Diocese in Nigeria.

Archbishop-Elect Matthew Ishaya Audu of Nigeria's Jos Archdiocese / The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)

A Papal Transfer in Nigeria, From Lafia Diocese to Jos Archdiocese

Jan 7, 2020

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Matthew Ishaya Audu as the new Archbishop of Nigeria’s Jos Archdiocese in the Plateau State of the West African nation.