Africa’s Church Leaders Caution against Pro-choice Agenda ahead of New Leadership at USAID

Jan 18, 2021

Church leaders in Africa are cautioning against the pro-choice agenda that is likely to be among key priorities of the new head of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the US entity administering foreign aid.

Pope Francis. / Daniel Ibanez/CNA.

Context of Pope’s ‘civil union’ Documentary Comment Reported

Oct 25, 2020

A fuller context of remarks from Pope Francis on civil unions in a recent documentary has emerged, while questions continue to surround the documentary, and the Vatican has not responded to requests for comment.

Pope Francis arrives for his general audience in the San Damaso Courtyard at the Vatican, Sept. 2, 2020. All photos: Daniel Ibañez/CNA.

Analysis: How a papal handshake became an ‘extraordinary turning point’ for LGBT activists

Sep 19, 2020

L'Avvenire, the official newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference, reported September 16 that Pope Francis "at the end of an audience" greeted a group of some 40 people, some of whom identify as LGBT, along with their parents.