Young People

Participants at World Youth Day 2023 in in Lisbon, Portugal. | Credit: José Ferreira/JMJ Lisboa 2023

World Youth Day: 96% of Pilgrims Think Gatherings Contribute to Evangelization

Jul 31, 2023

According to an international survey, 96% of young people over the age of 18 who are attending World Youth Day (WYD) in Lisbon, Portugal, think these gatherings contribute a lot or quite a bit “to spreading faith in Jesus Christ.”

Pope Francis meets with young cancer patients from Poland at the Vatican on May 29, 2023. | Credit: Vatican Media

Pope Francis Meets with Young Cancer Patients: "Jesus is always close to you"

May 30, 2023

Pope Francis welcomed pediatric cancer patients from Poland to the Vatican on Monday, telling them “Jesus is always close to you.”

A person takes a photo of Pope Francis on a cell phone during a papal audience on Dec. 10, 2022. | Vatican Media

Pope Francis: Look at Each Other, not Cell Phone Screens

Dec 15, 2022

Pope Francis has urged young people to look away from their cell phone screens and make eye contact with the people around them.

Pope Francis during his general audience in Paul VI Hall on January 26, 2022. Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Pope Francis: Jesus Frees Us from the "paralysis" of Laziness and Selfishness

Apr 23, 2022

The pope met with young people participating in a missionary youth conference.

Pope Francis greets 80,000 teens on pilgrimage in St. Peter’s Square on April 18, 2022. Vatican Media

Pope Francis Tells 80,000 Youth Pilgrims to Ask Our Lady for Courage to Do God’s Will

Apr 19, 2022

The youth pilgrimage was organized in an effort to reach out to young people whose lives were upended during the past two years of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Joseph and the Christ Child, by Guido Reni. Public domain

Follow St. Joseph's Example, Pope Francis Tells Priests of a Religious Institute

Mar 19, 2022

Pope Francis has written a letter to the Congregation of Saint Joseph.

Bishop Edward Hiibiro Kussala of South Sudan's Tombura-Yambio Diocese. Credit: ACI Africa

Catholic Bishop in South Sudan Urges Young People to “avoid being misled by politicians”

Feb 21, 2022

A Catholic Bishop in South Sudan has cautioned young people in the East-Central African nation against politicians who mislead the youth, using them to achieve their selfish goals.

Pope Francis meets with young people at St. Dionysius School of the Ursuline Sisters in Maroussi, Athens, Dec. 6, 2021. Vatican Media.

Don’t be "prisoners of the cell phone": Pope Francis to Youth

Dec 6, 2021

The pope’s address concluded his three-day visit to Greece.

Pope Francis meets young people of the Scholas Community at Rome’s Pontifical International College Maria Mater Ecclesiae, Nov. 25, 2021. Daniel Ibáñez/CNA.

Pope Francis Attends Student Play on How the Pandemic has Affected Young People

Nov 27, 2021

The pope watched a show called ‘The faces of the pandemic.’

Pope Francis addresses young people at Lokomotiva Stadium in Košice, Slovakia, Sept. 14, 2021. Vatican Media.

Confession is the "sacrament of joy": Pope Francis to Slovakia’s young Catholics

Sep 14, 2021

The pope spoke to around 25,000 young people in Košice, eastern Slovakia.

A poster for the African Liberation Day 2021/ Credit: Website of the Africa Faith and Justice Network

On Africa Day, Young People Urged to Arise, Join “decision-making table of human endeavor”

May 26, 2021

On the occasion of Africa Day 2021, young people in Africa have been urged to awaken and join the global conversation amid signs of “hope, liberation, and restoration” on the continent and beyond.

The logo of Agostiniani nel Mondo Foundation that is working in 50 countries in the world.

Missionaries in Algeria Develop Tool to Address Increased Suicide Among Young People

Apr 12, 2021

Augustinian Missionaries ministering in Algeria are running psychological and social programs in centers across the vast Northern African country to address the rising cases of depression and suicide among young people in the country.

Young people hold the World Youth Day cross in Panama in January 2019. Credit: Vatican Media.

World Youth Day Cross Given to Portoguese Youth Ahead of International Gathering

Nov 22, 2020

Pope Francis offered Mass for the Feast of Christ the King on Sunday, and afterward oversaw the traditional passing of the World Youth Day cross and Marian icon to a delegation from Portugal.

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama speaking during Mass at Christ the King Parish in Nigeria’s Abuja Archdiocese. / Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama/Facebook Page.

Do “not to give in to despair,” Prelate Reassures “aggrieved” Young People in Nigeria

Nov 10, 2020

A Prelate at Nigeria’s Archdiocese of Abuja has encouraged young people who are weighed down by the tough economic times not to despair but to hold onto the hope for a better tomorrow.

Pope Francis waves from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square during an Angelus address. / Vatican Media.

Pope Francis Says Blessed Carlo Acutis is a Model for Young People to Put God first

Oct 11, 2020

Pope Francis said Sunday that the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis provides a witness for young people that true happiness is found when one puts God first.

The Church of St. James in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Credit: Miropink/Shutterstock.

Be Inspired by the Virgin Mary, Pope Francis Tells Youth at Medjugorje

Aug 2, 2020

Pope Francis has urged young people gathered in Medjugorje to imitate the Virgin Mary by abandoning themselves to God.

Pope Francis. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.

“Crises, if they are not well accompanied, are dangerous”: Pope Francis to Young People

Jun 6, 2020

Pope Francis on Friday told students that in times of crisis, community is key to overcoming fear.

Pope Francis at the Cathedral of the Assumption Nov. 22, 2019. Credit: Hannah Brockhaus/CNA.

Pope Francis in Thailand: Friendship with Jesus lights your path

Nov 22, 2019

Pope Francis told young people in Thailand Friday that the secret to happiness is to be deeply rooted in faith in Jesus Christ.

Rajaf Church, Juba Archdiocese, South Sudan

Counting on Young People as South Sudan’s Juba Archdiocese Marks 100 Years

Sep 28, 2019

The role of young people in the Archdiocese of Juba is being viewed as significant as the Church continues the yearlong centenary celebrations of Catholicism in what is now the capital of South Sudan, the head of the Committee for Centenary celebrations, Bishop Santo Loku Pio has said.

Pope Francis greets young people in Madagascar Sept. 7, 2019. Credit: Edward Pentin/CNA.

Jesus Has a Mission for Youth in Madagascar, Pope Francis Says at Vigil

Sep 7, 2019

Jesus has called you and has entrusted a mission to you, Pope Francis told a crowd of young people at a prayer vigil in Antananarivo, Madagascar Saturday.