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Catherine Njore, founder of Kenya's Linda Vijana Initiative (LVI) / Linda Vijana Initiative/Catherine Njore

This is a Spiritual Warfare, Kenyan Pro-lifer on Abortion, Youth Challenges

The war against sexual immorality, abortion, and other youth challenges has a spiritual dimension, a Kenyan Pro-Life advocate has said, noting that powerful multinational companies that promote the vices “are desperate” to lead young people astray.

St. John Bosco / CNA

South Sudanese Diocese Set to Dedicate Feast of Don Bosco to Youth Challenges

As the Church prepares to commemorate the life of St. John Bosco, a priest known for his humility and dedication to helping young boys succeed in life, a Catholic Diocese in South Sudan has chosen to dedicate this year’s January 31 commemoration to the challenges that continue to face young people.