Over 200 School Candidates in South Sudan Benefit from Catholic COVID-19 Aid

Students of the Bishop Abangite College of Science and Technology in the Diocese of Tombura-Yambio, South Sudan.

The leadership of a Catholic Diocesan Radio in South Sudan has facilitated the distribution of protective equipment to over 200 high school students of Bishop Abangite College of Science and Technology in the Diocese of Tombura-Yambio in a COVID-19 aid aimed at ensuring that school going students remain safe during the pandemic.

The leadership of Anisa Radio station of Tombura-Yambio Diocese on Thursday, November 5 distributed face masks to the senior four boys and girls who are preparing for their final examinations in the East-Central African country’s Western Equatoria state.

Speaking during the distribution of the reusable face masks, the Director of Anisa Radio, Teresa Wairegi expressed gratitude to the management of Internews and to the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) for their support in procuring the protective equipment amid COVID-19.

“We are glad for this; we are thankful to Internews and AMDISS for helping us with materials to use during this time of coronavirus,” Ms. Wairegi said.

Ms. Wairegi called upon the candidates who are expected to sit for their exams in March 2021 to make good use of the reusable face masks and to strictly follow the other guidelines set by the country’s Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) to help in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.


“For you to be safe, use face mask all the time and do not forget to follow guidelines from the ministry and WHO. They will help you all,” said Ms. Wairegi. 

During the occasion of distributing the face masks, Bishop Abangite School Principal, Joseph Mutalesa thanked the leadership of Radio Anisa and its partners for availing the protective equipment to the students at the Catholic-run school.

“Our students now use them during classes and parades and we wish to thank you all for this initiative. Thank you very much Anisa (Radio) together with your partners who gave you these things,” Mr. Mutalesa told the leadership of the Diocesan Radio, one of the Radio stations that constitute South Sudan’s Catholic Radio Network (CRN)

One of the students, Amborikina Isaiah said that some of them could not afford to buy the face masks if not for Anisa Radio and its partners.

“These face masks are very expensive for us and sometimes even hard to find the ones, which can be washed and used again,” Amborikina said.

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Another beneficiary, Gamboripai Grace, advised her fellow students to observe the preventive measures in all their academic interactions around the school premises.