Catholic Bishops in Ethiopia pray for an end to violence in the Horn of Africa nation. Credit: CBCE

Humanitarian Aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray Region “severely affected”, Not Suspended: Bishops

Sep 3, 2021

Catholic Bishops in Ethiopia have, in a September 2 statement, clarified that the humanitarian support channeled to Tigray region has not been suspended.

Members of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE). Credit: CBCE

Catholic Church in Ethiopia Declares Week of Prayer, Plans to Channel Collections to IDPs

Aug 30, 2021

The leadership of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia has announced a week of prayer for an end to the country’s instability.

Catholic Bishops in Ethiopia/ Credit: Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat /Facebook.

Ongoing War “saddens our hearts”, Catholic Bishops in Ethiopia Say, Call for Ceasefire

Jul 22, 2021

The ongoing violence in Ethiopia’s Northern region that is reportedly spreading to other regions of the Horn of Africa nation is a cause for concern for Catholic Bishops in the country who are calling for an end to the violence.

Flag of Ethiopia/ Credit: Shutterstock

UK-Based Religious Entity Lauds UN Directives to End Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

Jul 14, 2021

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), a UK-based human rights organization, has welcomed the adoption of a number of resolutions by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) aimed at ending human rights abuses that have been widely reported in Ethiopia.

Participants in a Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) forum in Ethiopia's Tigray region/Credit: SCIAF / SCIAF

Scottish Catholic Charity Launches Aid Appeal for the Needy in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Jul 8, 2021

A Scottish Catholic charity organization has launched an appeal for aid to reach out to millions of people in need of humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia’s Tigray region following the protracted violent conflict between the federal and regional governments.

Tigrayan Highlands in northern Ethiopia/ Credit:Trocaire

Agony as Ethiopians Spend Days in Long Queues to Get Water: Catholic Charity

Jun 21, 2021

Residents of various parts of Ethiopia are trekking for miles and spending days in long queues to get water far away from home, a Catholic charity has reported.

An image showing vote casting in Ethiopia. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Ahead of Ethiopia’s General Elections, Bishops Say Citizens “desire an upright leader”

Jun 20, 2021

Catholic Bishops in the Horn of Africa nation of Ethiopia have, in a collective statement days to the country’s general elections, outlined qualities of those to be elected to the House of People’s Representatives saying citizens desire leaders who are “upright.”

A map showing the Tigray area in northern Ethiopia. Credit: Public Domain

Pope Francis Concerned about Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Jun 15, 2021

Pope Francis has expressed concerns about the humanitarian crisis occasioned by the ongoing unrest in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Map Showing Ethiopia's Tigray region. Credit: Public Domain

Catholic Nuns among Rape Victims in Growing Military Brutality in Tigray, Ethiopia

Jun 2, 2021

The Catholic Pontifical charity organization, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) International, has reported the gross violation of human rights in Ethiopia’s Tigray region where military have been accused of raping women including Catholic Nuns.

A poster announcing the round-table  on climate change organized by the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) in in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa. Credit: All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)

COP26: Church Leaders in Africa Confident Climate Policies Will Be Friendly to Continent

May 20, 2021

Members of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) have, at the end of their round-table deliberations on climate change in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, exuded confidence that the planed 26th Climate Change Conference of Partners (COP26) will yield friendly policies for the continent.

A volunteer working with children at the Gode Catholic Mission in Ethiopia's Apostolic Prefecture of Robe.
Credit: Agenzia Fides

Missionaries in Ethiopia Giving Women in Complicated Relationships Second Chance in Life

May 1, 2021

A Catholic Missionary Nun in Ethiopia’s Apostolic Prefecture of Robe is helping women in abusive relationships, those who have had children with several men, and others in various complicated relationships to become self-reliant.

A little girl of Ethiopia's Desanetch tribe poses at the entrance of a makeshift house/ Credit: Aid to the Church in Need

Catholic Priest in Troubled Tigray Region Says Ethiopia’s Situation Worsening Day by Day

Apr 28, 2021

The humanitarian situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region that has been in war since last November is deteriorating each passing day, a Catholic Priest ministering in the country’s Northernmost region has said.

A Catholic Nun poses for a photo session with children in Tigray, Ethiopia/ Credit: Agenzia Fides

Catholic Nun Narrates Harrowing Account of Murders, Explosions in Ethiopia’s Tigray Crisis

Apr 27, 2021

Horror surrounded Shire, a town in Ethiopia’s Tigray region at the start of the ongoing civil war, a Catholic Nun who works in the troubled Northernmost region of the Horn of African country has recounted.

Bishop Paul Swarbrick of England's Lancaster Diocese addressing participants in a virtual Mass for the people of Ethiopia / Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)

Ethiopia’s Tigray Region Residents “remain at the heart of the Passion”: English Bishop

Apr 1, 2021

As Christians begin celebrations that culminate in the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday to be marked April 4, a Bishop in England has highlighted the plight of the people living in crisis-ridden Ethiopia’s Tigray region, noting that they remain stuck “at the heart of the Passion” of Christ.

SDB members, Missionaries of Charity and Salesian Sisters in Adwa area of Tigray making bread for the displaced people in the region. / Agenzia Info Salesiana (ANS)

“Number of displaced still increasing every day”: Salesians in Ethiopia amid Tigray Crisis

Mar 16, 2021

Members of the Religious Institute of the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) ministering in Ethiopia have, in a report, highlighted the situation in the Northernmost region of the country, Tigray, where, they say, the number of displaced people is rising daily amid continued fighting.

UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Victor Madrigal-Borloz / United Nations Human Rights

UN’s Report on Transgender Ideology Cause for Concern for Bishops in Kenya, Ethiopia

Mar 15, 2021

Catholic Bishops in Kenya and Ethiopia have raised concerns over the contents of a United Nations’ (UN) report that seems to advocate for the controversial transgender ideology.

The official logo of Doctors with Africa CUAMM / Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Italian Health Entity Ready for Ethiopia’s Tigray Mission in Response to Bishop’s Plea

Mar 5, 2021

The Italy-based non-governmental organization focused on healthcare, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, is planning to launch “in the next five weeks” an intervention to alleviate the suffering of civilians in the ongoing violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Tigray region of Ethiopia / Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) International

International Catholic Entity Struggling to Access War Victims in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Jan 26, 2021

The Catholic Pontifical Organization, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) International, is experiencing difficulties delivering aid to victims of the ongoing violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the leadership of the charity has said and appealed to authorities in the Horn of Africa country to improve the region’s accessibility.

Members of the delegation by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE) who paid a solidarity visit to the Tigray region from January 12-14. / Courtesy Photo

Visiting Ethiopia’s Tigray Region “was important and eye-opening”: Bishops’ Delegation

Jan 24, 2021

Members of the delegation by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE) have described their recent solidarity visit to the troubled region of Tigray within the territory covered by Ethiopia’s Eparchy of Adigrat as “important and eye-opening.”

Two hospital-type beds and two wheelchairs for elderly religious sisters in Ethiopia. / Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).

Elderly Sisters in Ethiopia Receive Boost from International Charity Organization

Jan 16, 2021

A recently established home for elderly members of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady (FMOL) has been equipped with modern facilities for the use by the elderly Sisters of the Religious Order.