John Bradburne

An undated photo of John Bradburne (L) with a leper. / John Bradburne Memorial Society

British-born John Bradburne Could Become Zimbabwe’s First Saint. Who is He?

Sep 24, 2019

A respected figure among the Catholic community in the landlocked southern Africa country since his death 40 years ago, British-born John Bradburne could become Zimbabwe’s first saint. According to reports, Bradburne was shot in the back after having been abducted from his hut in Mutemwa in the north-east of Zimbabwe. Who was he?

John Bradburne with Jeromia at the Mutemwa Leper Settlement. Photo courtesy of the John Bradburne Memorial Society.

Church leaders in Zimbabwe discuss beatification cause of lay missionary

Sep 7, 2019

On Thursday the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe began a three-day meeting to consider the cause of canonization of John Bradburne, a lay missionary to the area in the 1970s, who could become the country's first canonized saint.