Members of the Episcopal Conference of Togo (CET)/ Credit: Episcopal Conference of Togo (CET)

Bishops in Togo Fault Government Directive on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

Dec 7, 2021

Catholic Bishops in the West African nation of Togo have faulted the move by the government requiring that anyone accessing places of worship shows his or her COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

At health facilities in DR Congo, Malteser International has supported local structures to vaccinate 10,000 doses against the coronavirus to people most in need. Credit: Nyokabi Kahura/Malteser International

Seek to Understand Factors Behind Low COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Africa: Catholic Agency

Oct 27, 2021

There is need to understand the factors and circumstances behind low COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Africa, the leadership of the Rome-based Catholic lay Religious Sovereign Order of Malta, Malteser International (MI), has said. 

A poster announcing the 27 September 2021 conference organized by the Rome-based Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Credit: Harambee Africa International

Rome-based Catholic Entity Decries Low COVID-19 Uptake in Africa, Highlights Interventions

Oct 10, 2021

The leadership of Harambee Africa International, the Rome-based international Catholic association established to enhance various realities in Sub-Saharan Africa, has decried the low uptake of COVID-19 vaccines among African countries, warning that the trend puts the whole world at risk of a protracted pandemic.


Christian Leaders in Nigeria’s Bauchi State Encourage COVID-19 Vaccine amid Low Uptake

Sep 7, 2021

Christian leaders in Nigeria’s Bauchi State are encouraging the people of God within their pastoral region to take part in the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination exercise amid reported low uptake of the jab. 

Bishop Victor Hlolo Phalana of South Africa's Diocese of Klerksdorp / Credit: Courtesy Photo

Catholic Bishop in South Africa Faults Critics of COVID-19 Vaccine

Jul 1, 2021

A Catholic Bishop in South Africa has reprimanded critics of COVID-19 vaccines for discouraging others from taking the jab, saying that dissuading others from the inoculation is doing them injustice.

Credit: Public Domain

How UK-based Catholic Aid Agency is Supporting Fight against COVID-19 in Africa

May 8, 2021

The leadership of the development and humanitarian arm of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) has, in a report, outlined its efforts in supporting the fight against COVID-19 in African countries.

Coronavirus vaccine, stock image./ M-Foto/Shutterstock

How Catholics Can Speak Up for More Ethical Vaccines

Apr 20, 2021

A series of letter templates released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) allows Catholic to contact vaccine makers and ask them to stop relying on cell lines from aborted babies.

Kenya Catholic Doctors Association (KCDA) Chairman Dr. Stephen Kimotho Karanja / Dr. Stephen Kimotho Karanja

Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Maintain Stance against COVID Vaccine, Say Mean Well for Africa

Mar 17, 2021

Members of the Kenya Catholic Doctors’ Association (KCDA) have maintained their strong opposition to the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination in the East African nation, saying their caution against the coronavirus vaccine means well for the people in the country and in other African countries seeking to administer the vaccine.

Logo of CIDSE, the umbrella organization for Catholic development agencies from Europe and North America / CIDSE

Catholic Agencies in Europe, North America Urge “equal global access” to COVID-19 Vaccines

Mar 14, 2021

Ahead of the March 10-11 meeting of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Council), the leadership of an international alliance of Catholic development agencies in Europe and North America is advocating for “equal global access” to COVID-19 vaccines. 

Archbishop Thomas Msusa of Malawi's Blantyre Archdiocese receiving the COVID-19 vaccine / Archdiocese of Blantyre/Facebook

Malawi’s Catholic Bishops Say COVID-19 Vaccine “an act of love of our neighbor”

Mar 11, 2021

Catholic Bishops in Malawi have, in a collective message, described COVID-19 vaccine as “an act of love of our neighbor”, endorsing the administration of the batch that arrived in the country March 5.


Catholic Bishops in Kenya Endorse COVID-19 Vaccine as “licit, ethically acceptable”

Mar 9, 2021

Catholic Bishops in Kenya have endorsed the COVID-19 vaccine that arrived in the country on March 3, saying the inoculation is “licit, ethically acceptable and an act of charity.”

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Togo (CET) during their ordinary session held in Lome from February 23-26 / Episcopal Conference of Togo (CET)

To Address COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns in Togo, “give appropriate information”: Bishops

Mar 1, 2021

Catholic Bishops in Togo have, in a collective statement, asked the government to work toward dispelling concerns among citizens regarding COVID-19 vaccine.

Habiba Mohamed, checks the temperature of Mohamed Abdi Ali at Luuq hospital in the Gedo region of Somalia. / Rahma Abdullah / Trócaire

Discrimination in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution “shocking injustice”: Catholic Charity

Mar 1, 2021

On the occasion of Zero Discrimination Day marked March 1, the leadership of the overseas development agency of the Catholic Bishops of Ireland, Trocaire, has decried the discrimination of poor countries in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, describing it a “shocking injustice.”


Zimbabwean Archbishop Endorses COVID-19 Vaccine, Says “it seems to be working”

Feb 13, 2021

The Archbishop of Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo Archdiocese has endorsed the planned coronavirus vaccination program in the Southern African nation amid a surge in reported cases of COVID-19.

Flag of Nigeria/ Credit:Shutterstock

Allow Our Medical Experts to Test COVID-19 Vaccines Coming in, Prelates in Nigeria

Jan 28, 2021

Catholic Bishops in Nigeria’s Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province have asked that medical experts in the West African country be allowed to subject COVID-19 vaccines coming into the country to independent tests to allay fears among the public about the safety of the coronavirus jab.

Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Education to Dispel Fear, Bishop in South Africa Urges Government

Jan 7, 2021

There is no proper information on the COVID-19 vaccine that is set to be administered to South Africans to combat the coronavirus, which is fast spreading in the country, a Catholic Bishop in the country has said.


Vatican Says COVID-19 Vaccines "morally acceptable" When No Alternatives are Available

Dec 21, 2020

The Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith stated Monday that it is “morally acceptable” to receive COVID-19 vaccines produced using cell lines from aborted fetuses when no alternative is available.

A pilgrim from Russia wears a mask and uses hand sanitizer in front of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican March 6, 2020. Credit: Daniel Ibáñez/CNA.

Vatican City to Start Coronavirus Vaccinations in January 2021

Dec 15, 2020

Vatican City will begin to offer coronavirus vaccinations in January, according to the Vatican director of health and hygiene. 

Protesters holding placards in Nairobi against ICPD25 on the eve of the convention on November 11, 2019

Countering ICPD25: Abortion Extremists Using Vaccines to Control Population, Expert Views

Nov 13, 2019

As the controversial International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) was getting underway in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi to discuss, among other issues, “drawing on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development,” a bioethicist has disclosed that some groups in developed countries, including abortion extremists, are using vaccines as a means to control population in the world, including Africa.