Catholic Church in Kenya

Bishop Joseph Obanyi Sagwe of the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega,  presiding over the official opening of the multipurpose hall at the Holy Family Lubao Parish. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Kenyan Bishop Urges New Government, Opposition to Unite in Addressing Citizen Issues

Oct 14, 2022

A Catholic Bishop in Kenya has urged the President William Ruto-led government that was inaugurated last month to “work together” with members of the opposition in addressing issues affecting citizens of the East African nation. 

Bishop Joseph Obanyi Sagwe of Kakamega Diocese. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Research More on GMOs to Cushion Kenyans from Future “negative effects”: Catholic Bishop

Oct 13, 2022

There is need for more research on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Kenya before allowing the cultivation of GM crops, a Catholic Bishop in the East African country has said. 

Archbishop Philip Subira Anyolo during Confirmation Mass at St Ignatius of Loyola Kenya Prisons Chaplaincy of the Archdiocese of Nairobi on 7 October 2022. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Kenyan Archbishop Urges Environmental Conservation, Says “bad” Nature Breeds Human Evils

Oct 8, 2022

There is an urgent need to conserve the environment by undertaking deliberate initiatives to “take care of nature”, the Archbishop of Kenya’s Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi has said.

Fr. Andrew Kaufa (right) and Sr. Adelaide Felicitas Ndilu (left). Credit: Courtesy Photo

Newly Appointed African Consulters to Vatican Dicastery Highlight Gaps in Church Media Use

Oct 7, 2022

The newly appointed Consulters of the Vatican Dicastery for communication from Africa have highlighted limitations in efforts to engage digital media in the evangelization process on the continent.

Fr. Boniface Kariuki, Spiritual Director Legion of Mary Nairobi Archdiocese. Credit: Archdiocese of Nairobi

Legion of Mary Can Be “breeding ground” for Consecrated Life: Catholic Priest in Kenya

Oct 6, 2022

Making known the Legion of Mary across Kenya and having the people of God in the East African nation embrace the lay Catholic movement can foster vocations to Consecrated Life, the Spiritual Director of Marian movement has said. 

A section of participants at the ongoing training of tutors of 'Together for a New Africa' initiative of African youth. Credit: ACI Africa

Unemployment Pushing Angolans to Desperate Measures: “Together for a New Africa” Trainee

Oct 6, 2022

Faced with the challenge of unemployment amid worrying poverty levels in Angola, young people in the Southern African country are resorting to desperate measures to cope, including drug abuse, a trainee at  Together for a New Africa (T4NA) has said.

Credit: CitizenGO

Catholic Activists in Africa Decry Netflix “LGBT indoctrination” in New Children’s Film

Oct 5, 2022

The African branch of the International Catholic activist organization, CitizenGo,  has launched a boycott campaign against Netflix in a bid to force the company’s CEO “to back down on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) indoctrination” following the release of a children’s film that shows two girls kissing.

Archbishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba of Kenya's Kisumu Archdiocese. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Let’s Safeguard the Environment, “look for other sources of livelihood”: Kenyan Archbishop

Oct 4, 2022

A Catholic Archbishop in Kenya has urged the people of God in the East African nation to engage in activities that contribute to safeguarding the environment.

Joanita Katushabe, a tutor at 'Together for a New Africa' poses for a photo on the sidelines of the training of the African initiative in Nairobi, Kenya. Credit: ACI Africa

Young Changemakers in Uganda Take Mission to Isolated Island in Community Projects

Oct 4, 2022

In a list of grassroots projects that the Ugandan wing of Together for a New Africa (T4NA) engaged in in the initiative’s first cycle, the young changemakers set sail for Bussi, a small island in Lake Victoria to inspire children at the island to work against all odds to stay in school.

Archbishop Martin Kivuva Musonde of Kenya's Mombasa Archdiocese. Credit: Mombasa Archdiocese

Be Inclusive in State Appointments, Address “real issues”: Bishops in Kenya to New Leaders

Oct 3, 2022

The newly elected members of the executive in Kenya need to consider inclusivity in the appointment of State officials and to serve all Kenyans indiscriminately, Catholic Bishops in the East African nation have said. 

Credit: ACI Africa

“Together for a New Africa” Youth Project Seeking to Collaborate with Local Universities

Oct 3, 2022

Plans to expand  Together for a New Africa (T4NA), a network of former students of Sophia University Institute, may include bringing universities offering leadership courses in Africa on board, an official at the Italy-based university has said.

A section of participants at the ongoing training of tutors of 'Together for a New Africa' initiative of African youth. Credit: ACI Africa

“Together for a New Africa” Cofounder Hopes Youth-led Initiative Will Yield a University

Oct 2, 2022

One of the founders of Together for a New Africa (T4NA), a network of former students of Italy-based Sophia University Institute and other young leaders committed to shaping “a new Africa”, is optimistic that the initiative will give birth to an institution of higher learning that will serve African students, allowing them to gain skills that are taught at the institution that is supported by the Focolare Movement.

A section of participants at the ongoing training of tutors of 'Together for a New Africa' initiative of African youth. Credit: ACI Africa

Catholic Project for Young Changemakers Spreads to 14 African Countries in New Cycle

Sep 30, 2022

What started four years ago as a burning desire by a handful of students of Italy-based Sophia University Institute to transfer the learning institution’s culture of unity to Africa has evolved into a gigantic initiative of young changemakers that now covers 14 African countries.

Credit: CitizenGo

Catholic Activists Pushing for Creation of “Family Ministry” in Kenyan Government

Sep 28, 2022

Catholic activists in Kenya under their global umbrella foundation, CitizenGo, are demanding that the Kenyan government create a new ministry that will be solely dedicated to the institution of the family in the national agenda.

Archbishop van Megen, Bishop John Oballa Owaa of the Ngong Diocese alongside 12 members of the Mill Hill Missionary congregation who were ordained Deacons on September 24. Credit: ACI Africa

Fellow Clergy, Confreres, Can Be the Biggest Threat to a Priest: Apostolic Nuncio in Kenya

Sep 26, 2022

A Catholic Priest is most likely to face more opposition, criticism and all manner of threats from his fellow members of Clergy and confreres than from anywhere else, the representative of the Holy Father in Kenya has said.

Bishop Paul Kariuki Njiru, Chairman of the Commission for Education and Religious Education of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB). Credit: KCCB

Oppose Comprehensive Sexuality Education Budgets: Kenyan Bishop to International MPs

Sep 10, 2022

International legislators need to oppose budgets toward “bad education programs” such as Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), which United Nations (UN) agencies and the European Union (EU) present to their respective parliaments, the Catholic Bishop at the helm of the Commission for education has said.

Logo Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF). Credit: KCPF

Kenya’s Christian Professionals Laud Politicians for “maturity, calmness” During Elections

Sep 7, 2022

Christian Professionals in Kenya have expressed gratitude to all political actors in the just concluded general elections in the country, acknowledging with appreciation their manifestation of “maturity and calmness”.

Faith leaders in Kenya at a press conference on 6 September 2022. Credit: KCCB

Focus Attention on Holding Elected Leaders to Account: Faith Leaders in Kenya to Citizens

Sep 6, 2022

Religious leaders in Kenya have urged citizens of the East African country to shift their attention from the general elections to holding elected leaders to account as the electioneering period has ended. 

Archbishop Philip Anyolo of Nairobi Archdiocese flanked by John Cardinal Njue (left) during the memorial Holy Mass of the Servant of God, Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga celebrated at the Resurrection garden, Karen, Nairobi on 6 September 2022. Credit: Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi/Facebook

Kenya’s First Cardinal Headed to Sainthood Hailed as “a great gift to the Church”

Sep 6, 2022

Kenya’s first Cardinal, the Servant of God, Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga, who is being considered for Sainthood, has been hailed as “a great gift to the Church” in the East African country and the world.

Kenya’s Supreme Court Upholds President-elect’s Victory after Call for Calm, Prayers

Sep 5, 2022

Kenya’s Supreme Court has, on Monday, September 5, delivered a verdict upholding the victory of Deputy President, Dr. William Ruto, who was declared winner of the country’s closely contested August 9 presidential election.