Representation of bureaucracy in organizations

Bureaucratic “pastoral dynamics” a Threat to Church’s Mission in Africa, A Reflection

Nov 17, 2019

As the Church in Africa continues to be missionary to itself by having clergy and religious men and women crossing diocesan and national ecclesiastical borders to evangelize following the 1969 encouragement of Pope Saint Paul VI to the people of God in Africa, a missionary serving on the continent has cautioned that the tendency of pastoral agents to enjoy a system of administration that obliges the laity to find them in offices rather than mutual interactions seems to hinder effective evangelization.

Representation of the "prophetic path" proper for Church leaders including in Africa

Peace in Africa a Political Challenge, Church Leaders Need be Prophetic: A Reflection

Nov 16, 2019

Days after the second edition of the Paris Peace Forum (PPF), which focused on governance solutions with emphasis on peace and security with some African countries represented came to an end in Paris, France on November 13, an African missionary priest has hailed the event as a “great initiative” but however expressed reservations on the success of such a move in Africa due to the lack of goodwill from powerful political players.